UMRAH has a specialized Information Technology service unit since June 1, 2011 with the inauguration of Sulfikar Sallu, S. Kom, M. Kom as the Head of the Computer Center (Puskom) through the Decree of the Chairman of the Kepri Provincial Education Foundation number 12 of 2011, which is responsible to the Chancellor UMRAH through the Deputy Chancellor II. At the same time, one employee was appointed to assist the Head of the Puskom in carrying out their duties and functions.

As a university that Transformed from Private to Public University on September 8, 2011 based on Government Regulation number 53 of 2011, UMRAH has proposed a new Work Procedure Organization (SOTK), which is stipulated through Minister of Education and Culture Regulation Number 12 of 2012 dated April 3, 2012. According This new SOTK, the Information Technology service unit changed its name from the Central Computer Unit (PUSKOM) to the Technical Implementation Unit of the Information and Computer Technology Center.

In accordance with Minister of Education and Culture Number 12 of 2012, the Center for Information and Computer Technology has the following functions:

development, management, and maintenance of information networks in the UMRAH environment;
providing computer services for students;
computer maintenance and repair; and
implementation of administrative affairs of the Technical Implementation Unit of the Information and Computer Technology Center.
To perform this function, it is required:

  • Head;
  • Administrative Subdivision; and
  • Functional Position Group / Technical Staff.

The Head of the Information and Computer Technology Center was inaugurated on March 8, 2013 based on UMRAH Rector’s Decree Number 329 / UN53.0 / HK.00.15 / 2013 on behalf of Martaleli Bettiza, S.Si, M.Sc. Along with this, a Decree was issued as a Technical Officer for the implementation of the functions of the Information and Computer Technology Center in the name of Hendra Kurniawan, S.Kom, M.Sc.Eng; which at the same time was also recorded as a non-permanent lecturer in the Informatics Engineering study program.

In the first time, the Sub-Division of Administration was still not available at the Information and Computer Technology Center, so that Information Technology development activities at UMRAH were carried out limitedly by the Head of the UPT PTIK and one Technical Staff.

UMRAH, in this case the Informatics Engineering lecturer team, began to develop an Academic Management Information System (SIPA) since the end of 2012, on the instructions of the UMRAH Chancellor through the Vice Chancellor I, officially began to be used in the Even Semester 2012/2013 Academic Year at the Faculty of Engineering (FT ) and the Faculty of Marine and Fisheries Sciences (FIKP). There are four main functions of SIPA that are applied, namely filling in student Study Plan Forms (LIRS) online, filling in grades by lecturers, printing student Study Result Sheets (LIHS) and reporting academic data to the DIKTI data center.

With the establishment of UPT PTIK, management and further development of SIPA are part of the tasks of the Information and Computer Technology Center