ICT Center provides workshop to Website Managers of the Fisheries Socio-Economic Department


Senggarang – Entering 2019, the Department of Social Economy of Fisheries (SEP) of the Faculty of Marine and Fisheries (FIKP) UMRAH took the initiative to increase the capacity of study programs to welcome the study program accreditation process targeted this year. With regard to these efforts a training on the management of the SEP Study Program Website was held in the FIKP UMRAH room, Tuesday (01/22/2019).

In this training activity in the form of a short workshop, the UMRAH ICT Center sent its staff, Adi Pranadipa, in charge of websites and digital content to become speakers who were attended by lecturers at the Fisheries Socio-Economic Department, FIKP UMRAH.

The material presented by Dipa, the familiar call of the ICT Center staff revolves around how to Manage Study Program Website Content, an explanation of what content must be prepared by SEP study programs to welcome study program accreditation, and adapt social media content to complement the study program website article content.

“It is also important, the Fisheries Socio-Economic Department also has to prepare content in the form of essays or opinions from lecturers related to Entrepreneurship and Fisheries Socio-Economic in the industrial revolution era so that website visitors can also be educated with the content presented on Prodi’s website” said Dipa in his presentation

Fitria Ulfah, Chair of the Fisheries Socio-Economic Department, FIKP UMRAH, was very enthusiastic about this training. The enthusiasm was also contagious to FIKP lecturers who attended the training. She is optimistic that with this training the Fisheries Socio-Economic Department will advance to match the other study programs in the UMRAH FIKP that have been accredited B. (TIK)


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