Senggarang – UMRAH students who want to complete the requirements for the Final Examination and graduation now need not bother to travel long distances to the Language Center on the Senggarang campus just to register for the English Test Program (ETP).

This is because the UMRAH Information and Computer Technology Center (TIK) and the Language Center agreed to transform the ETP registration service which previously manually became Full Online.

“Previously, students struggled to go all the way to Senggarang just to just take a printed form to register for ETP, now there is no need anymore. Just log in to the SIPA page, just select the ETP registration menu in the registration section, just follow the next procedure in the system, “said the Head of the UMRAH ICT Central Administration Sub-Division, Azmi Sanjaya Putra.

Azmi continued, the ETP Online system developed by the UMRAH ICT Center at the request of the Language Center aims to make the Language Center unit more efficient and accurate in managing registration until the announcement of ETP Results via the SIPA Dashboard.

“In short, towards paperless with efficiency and accuracy” explained Azmi.

Language Center staff, Zulkifli welcomed the transformation of this service. “We can focus more on ETP test preparation without having to go through the manual process again which is time-consuming,” said Ijul, his nickname.

What was revealed by Ijul was agreed by Afidin, the Head of the Language Center Administration.

“So because it has been systemized, our services are getting better quality and accurate, even extraordinary until the certificate printing process is through a verified ETP Online System. So there are no more frauds that can occur, such as forgery of the ETP Certificate, “explained the familiar man called Potet.

The ETP Online service is planned to be available around the second Sunday of October 2017 marked by the opening of the October ETP Session registration. (Dip / ICT)


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