Raja Ali Haji Maritime University provides two types of interfaces to access your Mail facilities:

  • Webmail
  • Mail Reader Application

Using Webmail can be done anywhere using your favorite browser. To use Webmail you can open https://mail.umrah.ac.id. Then enter your UMRAH email username and password. UMRAH Mail currently uses Google Apps with a myriad of features that Google accounts have in general

Another way to access is to use the Email Client application. The following applications are often used:

  • Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Microsoft Outlook Express

And Email Client available in the form of Applications for Android and IOS

Email Usage Terms:

  1. UMRAH E-mail Service can only be used by lecturers or employees of Maritime University Raja Ali Haji who have carried out the registration process.
  2. Student accounts if possible can be facilitated
  3. The account and all related data are the responsibility of the email user.
  4. Email accounts are personal and are not allowed to use collectively or be given to other people, except accounts of work units that are managed collectively
  5. This e-mail account is used for educational purposes and not for commercial purposes or to harm others.
  6. The person in charge of the email account is responsible for maintaining his account
  7. The person in charge of the Maritime University Raja Ali Haji email service system to keep the information stored in the system from interference.
  8. Raja Ali Haji Maritime University is not responsible for the contents of personal mailboxes or damage to the data under any circumstances.
  9. Raja Ali Haji Maritime University is not responsible for the contents of the email you receive.
  10. Violation of this provision or if there are activities that are known to violate or misuse this provision will cause your rights to be revoked to have an account in this email system.

To Register the Email Account, Fill the apply Form Below